5 Baby Brands to Check Out

5 Baby Brands to Check Out

These days it feels like there are new products and brands designed for your baby every single day. It’s a little hard to keep up with everything! Which is why we wanted to share 5 baby brands that you need to check out. 

Ayla & Co.: this parent founded diaper bag company has created the perfect system to help make parenthood a little bit easier. We love the Ayla Diaper Bag because of its beautiful functional design, and we love it even more with their portable vacuum. The Ayla Bag and Ayla Vacuum pair together to not just keep you organized but tidy too. Say goodbye to carseat messes. 

Briar Baby: if you haven’t heard of Briar Baby before you are going to be obsessed. They specialize in making adorable bonnets and sunbonnets. Keep your little one protected from the sun and enjoy what they call “the cute factor”

KiwiCo: looking for brain building play? Kiwi Co’s Panda Crate is a baby and toddler subscription box, packed with developmentally appropriate products and tips on how to use them. We recommend adding this subscription box to your registry. 

Coterie: we can’t stop hearing good things about this new baby diaper brand. They say their diapers “...minimize leaks, blowouts, and diaper rash. Designed for better sleep. Hypoallergenic and soft as cashmere.” We want to know, have you tried these diapers out?

Pretty Please Teasers: this Salt Lake City founded company has the most beautiful silicone bibs, as well as a range of other products like their freezer teether. We also love their commitment to create products that support eco-friendly living.  

Now that you’ve heard us talk about 5 baby brands, tell us some of your favorite brands and products.