5 Newborn Sleep Tips I Wish I Would Have Known

newborn stretchy swaddle
Ahhh, the newborn stage. Pure bliss. Well, maybe a zombie-like bliss. The newborn stage is full of sweet snuggles but also full of exhaustion. I wish there was a magic formula to get your baby to sleep through the night from birth, but unfortunately, that's not possible. However, there are definitely things you can do to help improve newborn sleep and start to lay a good sleep foundation. 
Here are 5 newborn sleep tips I wish I would have known about with my first:
  1. Bedtime routine

Can be as short or as long as you want, but you want to do the same things each night so it cues baby this is night time sleep and should be the longest stretches. Also this can REALLY help with when days and nights are mixed up.

Example: feed, bath, lotion, swaddle, song, bed


2. White noise

Not only does it drown out outside noise, but it can also act as a sleep cue. White noise mimics the sounds in the womb so it calms and comforts.


3. Swaddling

Swaddling helps calm the startle reflex resulting in longer stretches of sleep. Helps baby feel secure and safe. Again, can be a sleep cue.

Our stretchy swaddles are silky soft with the perfect amount of stretch!

newborn swaddle blanket

Sky Stretchy Swaddle Blanket


4. Eat-Play-Sleep Schedule

The magical formula for more consistent sleep in the day AND night. Baby eats, keep baby awake for a window, then sleep. Repeat.


5. Lay baby down drowsy but awake

Helping baby learn how to fall asleep independently will create longer stretches during the night. Want baby to sleep on your chest sometimes, in the swing, or baby wearing? Of course DO IT! Just practice putting down drowsy as much as you can!


There you have it. 5 newborn sleep tips from a Mom of 4 who really needs her sleep! Reminder, these tips are suggestions to lay a good sleep foundation, not to sleep train. 


Good luck, congratulations and please enjoy a newborn chest snuggle for me!


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