Baby Costumes Made Easy

We all want to be the mom on the block who makes custom Halloween costumes each year, but let’s be honest. Halloween sneaks up each year and sometimes we don’t have time for that. Also, costumes can be itchy and uncomfortable and it’s oftentimes something your baby just doesn’t want to wear. At Quinn St., we know how demanding the daily load of motherhood is and this Halloween we have the solution for you: easy, last minute, comfortable baby costumes. 

Have a party you forgot about? No worries, we’ve got you covered with these simple baby costumes that go perfectly with our Quinn St. rompers & two-piece sets. 


Let’s give your little one two big ears to frame their giant smile. All you need is a set of elephant ears and a tail, we found these here. This would look perfect with our grey romper


Cheetahs are fast, but we would argue a baby running away with something they are not supposed to have is faster. Make your little one a cheetah with ears, a tail, and our camel romper. We are also here for any excuse to buy cheetah print baby shoes.  



Looking to bring a little sunshine to the room? How about a pony using our ocean ribbed romper and an adorable headband


We all know your baby calls the shots at home, make them king or queen of the jungle with a lion headband and tail and our cream two-piece set to keep them cozy. 


Have a mischievous little one who loves to get into every drawer and cabinet? A raccoon would be so fitting. We think the tail makes this costume and loved these ears to go with it too. Pair with our ribbed grey romper for the perfect combination. 


Babies are sweet and cuddly like teddy bears and we are obsessed with a cute little mask or ears to go with our camel romper

An adorable baby costume doesn’t need to cause you extra stress. At Quinn St., we love anything that makes our mom job easier. This Halloween you really can balance cuteness and comfort for your baby! 

If you loved the baby shoes as much as we did, we found each of them at