Best Way to Prevent and Remove Cradle Cap

Best Way to Prevent and Remove Cradle Cap

Most babies will experience cradle cap at some point after being born. Don’t worry or think you’re doing something wrong, cradle cap is completely normal and harmless. The cause of cradle cap is unknown but may be caused by an excess of oil in your baby’s glands. Luckily cradle cap is usually a very brief stage, and it can go away faster with a few of my favorite tips. 

First of all, know that the best way to prevent cradle cap is consistently using a soft brush to help remove dead skin. A very gentle scrub each time you bathe your baby or apply their baby shampoo should do the trick. If you start to notice more coming in, I’ve found this method works wonders for cradle cap with each of my babies and have recommended it to so many other moms. 

Massage oil onto your baby’s scalp. Coconut oil is our favorite oil to use and is natural and effective. The oil is so gentle and is perfect for that delicate new baby skin. 

Let the oil sit for five minutes. This time allows the oil to settle and soften the cradle cap. The dead skin will then separate from the scalp. 

Apply a mild baby shampoo to baby’s hair. This will help remove the oil from your baby’s hair. We recommend trying a few samples of baby shampoo before buying a large container of baby shampoo because you never know how your baby’s skin will react. Some we’ve had great results with are Cetaphil Baby Wash and Aveeno Baby Wash.

Gently scrub with a soft brush or sponge. Scrub the baby shampoo into your little one’s hair. I love the ones they give you in the hospital, but I also know many moms love this gentle brush from FridaBaby

Rinse with water. Watch that nasty cradle cap go down the drain. Make sure all of the shampoo gets rinsed out to help prevent the cradle cap from coming back. 

Pat dry and lock in moisture. After completely drying your baby’s hair, add some Tubby Todd All Over Ointment to their scalp. It really works wonders! You can remove any excess Tubby Todd so it doesn’t get goopy. After you have rubbed in the ointment, you can kiss that beautiful clean baby and give them some extra snuggles. 

Babies can experience cradle cap any time in the first year, but it normally peaks within the first three months of life. 

This method for removing cradle cap can be done several times a week until your baby’s cradle cap is gone. This tried and true method for getting rid of cradle cap has been such a game-changer with me for my babies and I hope you love it too.