Everything You NEED For Your Newborn

Everything You NEED For Your Newborn

We recently put up a question box asking our community all the things they felt like they just “had to have” before their baby came, that turned out to be unnecessary. There were a lot of items you guys sent in, like a lot, and it got us thinking what does your newborn REALLY need in the beginning. 

The reality is newborns don’t need a lot, there are many things that are nice to have and can make life easier, but if you are finding all the bells and whistles overwhelming don’t worry! We are breaking down the items that you and your newborn cannot live without. 

A place to sleep: you and your newborn are going to need a place to sleep, and each family will have a sleeping set up that works best for them (keep in mind this may differ from your original plan and that is okay). 

Care and love: this is by far the most important one on this list. Your newborn doesn’t need all the latest products and gadgets, they just need YOU. 

Food: we know each family will have their own plan for feeding their newborn and that plans might change, but the most important thing to remember here is that your baby is fed. Like they say fed is best!

Dress: your newborn won’t need a lot of clothing (they can grow out of things so fast!) but it is good to have some on hand. Our advice- keep it simple and cozy. Our bamboo knotted sleepers and stretchy swaddles have quickly become a go-to for us because they are durable, make late night changes a breeze, and the material makes snuggling even that much better. Plus they fit up to 6 months! Win, win, win.