Greer's Birth Story

Greer's Birth Story

Greer Collins was our sweetest little Christmas gift, born on December 27, 2022. I went to the doctor at 36 weeks and was informed that her ultrasound looked great, but my blood pressure was getting too high. I was referred the hospital to run some labs and my doctor decided a 37-week induction was necessary to give us a successful delivery and try to lower my risk of developing preeclampsia. 

So, the day after Christmas my husband and I loaded our hospital bags and headed to the hospital to start the induction process. I was so thankful my family was in town for Christmas and they were able to take care of our 4-year old son, Dean, during all of this. 

I was feeling very nervous the days leading up to our check-in date as I hadn’t been induced before but the process actually went very smoothly. I was in labor for about 6 hours total once they started Pitocin, and when it was time to push, Greer came into the world fast.

The doctor decided to break my water after starting the pitocin to move things along. I have to admit that was NOT fun. Shortly after my water broke I got an epidural. Within about 2 hours I was fully dilated and ready to push. My husband actually had to rush back up from eating lunch to make it in time for her delivery, and the nurses barely made it in time to help the doctor.

With one contraction and three big pushes, our healthy baby girl, Greer Collins, was born into the world weighing 7lbs 15oz. and measuring 20.5 inches long. I had been worried that she might be small due to it being a few weeks early, but it turns out she was totally ready to join us!

I was so relieved to have an “easy” labor this time and honestly had the best birth experience thanks to my nurses. We are so thrilled to be Greer’s parents and to have been blessed with such a beautiful little baby girl!