Grey's Birth Story

Grey's Birth Story

During the last trimester of my pregnancy I kept feeling that our baby boy was going to come early, so once my due date came and passed I was so surprised and feeling discouraged. I ended up going a full week over my due date and being induced at 41 weeks. I really didn't want to be induced and hoped to go into labor naturally, but every day over my due date felt like a week and my spirits were low. So, once the induction day finally arrived I was SO ready to meet my baby!

We checked into the hospital, got me started on pitocin and my water broken. I set up our room to feel more like the at-home labor I was hoping to experience. I had my favorite essential oil diffusing, my labor playlist playing and some energy crystals in sight. As contractions started picking up I walked and swayed through them, leaning onto my husband for support. I labored for about 1.5 hours before the contractions really hit me hard and I knew it was time for the epidural.

The nurse walked in and said, "ok, things have taken a turn! If you want an epidural you need to get it now!" and I was absolutely ready for it. The epidural went great and I pretty quickly felt relief from the onslaught of painful contractions. I was checked immediately after the epidural and was at a 10! It was go-time. My doctor was called and the nurse started setting up the room for the birth. Tears filled my eyes and I said, "I finally get to meet him". I was in disbelief that I was finally, finally so close to meeting my baby.

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I started pushing with my husband by my side and used a mirror to help see my progress. Within about 4 pushes he was out! Baby was placed on my stomach (with a short cord that's as far as he could go!) and my husband cut the cord. He then was placed on my chest where we spent a beautiful, healing hour getting to know each other. With my first baby I was not able to do skin to skin after his birth, so this "golden hour" was so important to me this time. I was in heaven having our baby boy snuggled on me. 

Grey Dalton Nackos was born 7lbs 15 oz, 19" long on November 17th.
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While our birth didn't go exactly to plan, the experience was still everything I needed it to be. I got to experience labor, pushing, see him being birthed and then that beautiful skin to skin time. I love this message for any moms that have experienced a traumatic birth-- your next birth can be beautiful and healing, even if it's not exactly how you planned it. 
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