How to Survive the Witching Hour

How to Survive the Witching Hour

Are you struggling to make it through the "witching hour" with your kids? Our survival guide offers practical tips and strategies to help you navigate this challenging time of day. From setting routines to practicing self-care, we've got you covered.


What is the “witching hour”?

The so called “witching hour” is the late afternoon/evening phenomenon where baby is extra fussy and unhappy for what can feel like no apparent reason. It can be so frustrating and can leave you feeling pretty depleted. We’ve got you though! We’re sharing 4 of our tried and true tips to help you and your baby through the witching hour(s).

Tips for Surviving the Witching Hour

  1. Wear your baby. Get out the wrap, sling or carrier and help baby feel calm and comforted while letting you have your hands free to still get things done. 
  2.  Give baby a bath or get in the shower together. Water has a magic ability to calm and is one of my favorite tools to pull out when it seemed like nothing else would help with the fussiness! 
  3. Get outside. Something about the fresh air helps clam baby and does wonders for your mood too! Take a walk or even just sit outside on your porch and watch fussiness disappear.
  4. Swaddling. Wrap that sweet babe up in something soft to help them feel secure and cozy. So many times my babies would be crying and as soon as I swaddled them, it was like magic. Instantly calmed down.