How to Swaddle Your Baby

How to Swaddle Your Baby

Those first few days with your new baby are an information overload. Many hospitals show swaddling basics, but if you’re like most parents, it takes so much practice to get the perfect swaddle. It’s never too late to become an expert swaddler and we’re here to help!

Before you begin

Start with the right blanket. 

Make sure your swaddle blanket is large enough - we recommend our Quinn St. stretchy swaddles because they are the perfect balance of size, stretch, and comfort. They also are made of bamboo, which will help keep your baby at the perfect temperature. If you try to swaddle with a blanket that is too small or stiff, your baby will often wiggle out or not be comfortable. 

Understand the benefits of swaddling your baby. 

  • Swaddling comforts your baby. As a baby transitions to a new world, it is startled to find bright lights, loud noises, and chilly breezes. Swaddling imitates the security they find in the womb by helping them feel snug and protected. 
  • Swaddling helps control your baby’s startle reflex. Babies are used to being in the small space of your womb and have very limited wiggle room. By placing your baby’s arms close to their body, they feel secure and are less likely to wake themselves when their natural startle reflex kicks in. 
  • Swaddling imitates a parent’s touch. A perfect swaddle completely surrounds your baby and helps them to feel safe. This is why a stretchy swaddle blanket is essential because it allows you to secure a baby and keep them snug, while also allowing them to stretch and move their precious body. 
  • Swaddling helps your baby to sleep longer and more soundly. Research has shown that swaddled infants startle less and sleep longer. Feeling secure and limiting the startle reflex is essential to a more restful night's sleep for your baby and for you. 
  • Helps your baby to learn safe sleep practices. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all babies sleep on a firm surface on their back. A strong swaddle will help your baby to sleep comfortably and promote safe sleep. 

Now that you’re ready. 

Now that you have a blanket and understand why swaddling is so beneficial for your little one, you’re ready to master the swaddle. 

  1. Lay the blanket flat on a surface and place it in a diamond shape facing you. 
  2. Fold the top corner of the blanket down to meet the bottom corner. 
  3. Place your baby gently on the blanket so their head is just above the top of the blanket. 
  4. Gently hold your baby’s arms next to their chest. 
  5. Take the right corner and wrap the blanket over both arms, tucking the remaining fabric under their back. Be sure to smooth the fabric out so there are no unnecessary bumps under your baby. 
  6. While still holding your baby’s arms close, take the left corner and wrap over to the other side and under your baby. 
  7. Tuck the excess fabric in the fold of the swaddle. 

We consider swaddling a form of art at Quinn St. Keep practicing with your baby, and if you need help, we always recommend your partner’s support to ensure a secure swaddle. You’ll be an expert before you know it. 

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