Knotted Sleepers: The Ultimate Newborn Must Have

Knotted Sleepers: The Ultimate Newborn Must Have

Nothing quite prepares you for the sheer quantity of diapers you change in your baby’s first several months of life. Your baby will need a diaper change 8-12 times a day, which means you are looking at changing about 300 diapers just in the first month. This is not to mention undressing your baby, dressing your baby again, and we cannot forget those pesky blowouts. 

Becoming a new parent is exhausting and there is no understating the load you carry as you help your little one into a new world. When it's the middle of the night and you’re beyond exhausted, the last thing you want to worry about is matching up a zipper or pairing up buttons. 

Knotted Baby Sleepers are a staple here at Quinn St, and we’ve included our reasons they are our number one must have item for any new mom. 

Easy Diaper changes: 

If anything can make the middle of the night diaper changes a little bit better, it is the knotted tie at the bottom of our sleepers. Your baby stays cozy and snug, while our knotted sleepers seamlessly untie for the easiest diaper changes for your baby. The soft bamboo fabric keeps the knot held firmly together while your baby wears the gowns, but can be released in seconds. 

Soft Hand Covers

You don’t realize how essential baby pajamas with hand covers are until you become a new parent. Newborns are still learning to gain control of their hand movements, and often scratch their sweet faces when their hands are uncovered. We thought through this one. Our newborn knotted sleepers come with covers that help protect your baby. They can be pushed back when you’d like to soak up their tiny little fingers, but can also be folded over to stay in place when your baby is sleeping. 

Silky Soft Bamboo Material 

This material was made for your baby. Bamboo is a natural thermal regulator and keeps your baby warm when it is cool, and cool when it is warm. It is hypoallergenic and is perfect for newborn babies with delicate skin. Of course, our favorite is that the material is silky smooth and helps your baby to be as comfortable as possible; because comfortable babies really do sleep better. 

Easy Snaps 

The snaps down the front of the gown not only add a stylish detail, but are large and allow for quick easy changes without snagging your baby’s body. They make it easier to quickly put the knotted sleeper on and off your baby. The gowns will still fit perfectly with your baby’s growing body for months.

Grows with Your Baby

Your baby grows rapidly and most parents will find they can fit their baby comfortably in the baby sleepwear from birth up until six months. With the baby gowns, one size really does fit all. The length of the tied baby gowns gives your baby plenty of room to grow and allows you to adjust the size simply by tightening the gown knot. 

Keeps your baby Cozy

No more need to worry about keeping track of extra socks, baby mittens, and pants. This tie gown takes out all of the extra pieces and provides the perfect cozy sleeper for your little one. The soft bamboo material is the perfect comfort for every new baby. 

The Quinn St. baby knotted baby sleeper was made with parents in mind, simplifying the first months of parenthood and giving you an all-in-one product for your baby.

Still not sure? Here’s why parent’s love our gowns: 

  • “You don’t realize just how great these sleepers are until it’s your turn to change the 3 am blowout. Makes diaper changes a breeze!” -A Quinn St. Dad 
  • “So impressed with this gown. The fabric is so incredibly soft and washes so so well!
  • “I love the sizing because it’s made to last a lot longer than typical newborn clothing. The sizing is 0-6 months. It fits newborns without being too baggy and will last for several months before my baby outgrows it (which is magical, most baby clothes last weeks to a couple of months)”
  • “My baby wore your gown probably 5 out of the first 7 days of his life. They are the greatest. Definitely will be purchasing more with baby number two that I’m expecting in September!” 
  • “We bought tons of baby jammies for our first baby, and after several days we learned we needed one thing. Our baby began to wear a different Quinn Street knotted onesie every single day. It was the first thing in the wash, and the first thing out. These are so soft, have the perfect hand covers, and fit any baby. Both my husband and I agree, they are hands down the best thing we received for our baby!” 
  • “I am obsessed with how soft these pjs are! I want them in every colour! I wish there were grown up sizes for myself!”
  • “Bought several of these for baby shower gifts. When I took them out and felt them I was mad I was done having babies. These would have made nighttime changing such a breeze. And they are the softest material. I love this gender neutral cream and the ribbed detail is so cute. Every baby needs a few gowns!”
  • “Absolutely love the ribbed material. It’s such good quality and incredibly soft. You can tell it will hold up a long time without wear. I love the look of the buttons and cuffed mitts. A must for a new baby!”
  • “These gowns (because one is not enough) have quickly become our go-to for our baby. The fabric is soft and comfortable for him and the gowns continue to fit him as he quickly outgrows his other clothes. It’s a nighttime win for me because the diaper/outfit changes are so much smoother.” 
  • “We love this gown so much! Such great quality. I love the length and that our baby can stretch out in it if she wants. Also, love that the arms have cuffs to fold over at night and keep her hands warm!”


Do yourself a favor and grab a couple of our knotted sleepers! Once you try them, you won't want to put your baby in anything else!