Birth Stories

Lorena’s Birth Story

I had a very smooth pregnancy but at 36 weeks everything turned upside down when my OB told me that my baby was still breeched. I didn’t even want to hear about the possibility of going through a c-section because she wasn’t flipped. From that day I started to do research and look into ways of flipping my baby on my own through safe exercises that I continued to do daily. I was determined to have my baby flipped but every week at my appointment, I received the same answer. I became worried about how things would go with my second daughter. I had my first naturally and I wanted that same experience once again. 

Oatmeal Knotted Sleeper

I was 38.5 weeks pregnant and she was still in a frank breeched position so I decided to schedule an external cephalic version. I came into the hospital the day of the appointment not knowing how things would go… 

My OB explained the process and that an epidural is recommended to increase the possibility of having a successful version. The room was full of medical staff who were all anxious to see what would happen. I was prepared for a c section if an emergency would come up or if the version was unsuccessful. 

The OB and resident doctor started the process of flipping my baby and things were looking good. She was turning well and her heartbeat was monitored until they moved her into a cephalic position. It all happened under 2 minutes and there was a huge relief over myself and my husband. The medical staff cheered and let us know that versions aren’t common and they also aren’t very successful. We were so grateful and relieved! 

I was starting to dilate and was given the option to stay and have my baby since I was just about full term anyways. I started to have contractions for the next 4-5 hours and just before midnight our healthy baby girl was in my arms at last. 

***Thank you for sharing your story Ruth! You can find her at @littlemaeandco on Instagram.