Luna's Birth Story

Luna's Birth Story

Ever since I was little I dreamed of having my babies at home. Birth is such an energy filled experience and something about the peaceful and calming energy of home called to me even as a tiny girl.

Friday morning we dropped Mico off at school and headed to what I hoped would be our last midwife appointment. I had been having consistent surges days previous that never progressed so when she asked if I wanted to be checked I was eager to see where my body and baby were at. She told me I was 3cm and 50% effaced so it could be a day or it could be a week, every body and birth are different. Since I was induced with my first, the waiting was a whole new mind game I’ve never experienced before. A final test of patience. We headed home and I let baby girl know I was ready whenever she was and would be patient until that time came. At 4 o’clock that afternoon my surges started and were consistent every 7-8 minutes. Around 6 they started progressing and were closer to 4-5 minutes apart.

My hubby kept asking me if it was really happening or another false alarm and I didn’t want to get excited just for them to stop again so I kept telling him I was unsure.  I prepped the birth room with some birth affirmations, some flowers, my favorite oils, a calming light and my birth playlist. Ricardo and I got the birthing pool ready and went to pick up dinner. After dinner I took a bath with Mico knowing it could be our final night just the three of us and read him *seventeen* books before we all cuddled in bed until he fell asleep. Around 10 my surges were every 4.5 minutes still so I was starting to get in my head wondering if they would just stop again like they had days previous. Then at 10:45 I could feel a change and knew my body was progressing.

I told my sister to head over when she was able to help me time them because I wanted to focus on my body and not the timing. Around 11:30 my surges were closer to every 3.5 minutes so we called the midwife and asked her to make her way over. When she came she checked me and suggested I try to get some rest. She headed home to rest herself and told me she’d keep her phone on her if anything progressed. I tried to lay down but knew the surges were too strong to sleep through so I went back in the birth room to labor in there with my sister while I let Ricardo rest. My little sister is a labor and delivery nurse and I was so excited to have her experience my birth with me.

She helped so much doing counter pressure during each surge. Her gentle touch and reminder to breath was exactly what I needed to keep progressing calmly and peacefully. At 12:30 I lost my mucus plug and around 3 my surges started getting more intense. I asked Savy to wake Ricardo so he could fill the bath. The warm water brought so much relief, I was so happy I got in when I did! We kept going back and forth with the midwife because I didn’t want to make her come until I was really ready. It was around 5 when I told them it was time for the midwives to come.

For a little over an hour I was consistently surging and was so incredibly nauseas, so weak from throwing up I reached a point where I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go on. Looking back I was comparing my births. With my first, my water broke and then I still had surges for hours until I finally had him. At that point of exhaustion we were completely unsure if my water had broken or not, so in my head I was thinking no way could I go on 5-6 more hours after my water breaks! Thankfully around 6:45 I felt a change that I can’t really put into words. Two surges that felt completely different and I could just tell my body and baby were ready. I told my midwife I felt the urge to push and she told me to follow that feeling. After a push I knew that baby girl was making her arrival and asked Savy to go wake up Mico.

She brought him in just in time for him to experience me roaring my little girl into this world. A feeling I never want to forget. I reached down to grab her and put her on my chest and kept telling her we did it, it’s over. My perfect little girl made her arrival at 6:50 in the comfort of our home. I was able to get right into bed and snuggle her for that golden hour. Big brother was able to witness his sisters birth and sang her the most beautiful lullaby as he held her for the first time.

The rest of the day is all kind of a blur from being so weak from being nauseous but we did it. Baby girl was home, healthy and safe. Luna Hazel, I love you more than you will ever know. ❤️

Having a home birth was a dream come true. Advocating for the birth I desired let my dreams become a reality. No matter what kind of birth experience you want to have, I encourage you to advocate for yourself. Find supportive birthing partners that will allow you to create the experience you desire. Birth doesn’t have to be painful, scary or stressful. Birthing babies can be peaceful, calming and incredibly transforming. Whatever that journey may look like for you, you’ve got this mama.


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