7 Tried & True Ways to Help a Sick Baby

7 Tried & True Ways to Help a Sick Baby

7 Tried and True Ways to Help a Sick Baby | Quinn St.

A sick baby brings a whole new element of challenges – disrupted sleep, cranky wake windows, and oftentimes not knowing what to do. When it comes to a sick baby, survival mode is the best way to describe it. These are my favorite tips for helping a sick baby. 

Try to avoid getting carried away with internet searches, and always call your doctor if you have concerns. Many physician offices have nurse lines to assess if you should bring your baby to the doctor. 

1. Humidifier

Whenever I notice my baby is getting sick, I always bring out the humidifier. Humidifiers are so helpful in helping your baby to breathe during dry winters. The humidifier brings water back into the air and helps to minimize congestion, coughs, and sore throats. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends cool mist humidifiers for babies and children. This humidifier is a great one on Amazon, with over 70,000 reviews. 

2. Nosa Frida & Saline Spray 

I am always blown away by how much a NoseFrida can remove from a congested nose. Start with a spray of saline spray and use the Nosa Frida to remove any excess snot. Your baby will sleep better during the night because it helps them breathe clearly despite being sick. 

7 Tried & True Ways to Help a Sick Baby | Quinn St.

3. Baby Chest Rub 

One of my favorite ways to help sick babies is an all-natural chest rub, similar to Vick's chest rub, but for babies. I love to rub it on the bottom of their feet and chest to help soothe coughs and comfort achy muscles. 

4. Tylenol or Motrin 

One of the best ways to help lower a fever is Tylenol or Motrin. For babies under six months, be sure to stick to Tylenol. Always check doses with your baby’s weight to ensure you are not giving your baby too much medicine– especially with Infant Motrin. After six months, you can introduce Motrin. The American Academy of Pediatrics has helpful charts to check the appropriate amount to give your little one. 

5. Be Flexible

Our family has had sick kids this week, and I have had to put many things on my to-do list on the back-burner. As hard as it can be to set things aside, I have to remind myself that my children need me. If you have plans with friends or family, know that it is okay to reschedule to care for a sick little one. Never guilt yourself for taking care of a baby who needs you. 

7 Tried and True Ways to Help a Sick Baby | Quinn St.

6. Dress them in the Coziest 

When I am sick, all I want to wear is sweats. My favorite thing to put babies in when they feel sick is our two-piece sets. They are cozy, warm, and perfect for regulating temperatures because of bamboo material. The material is buttery soft and perfect for comforting your little one. 

7. Extra Love

If your baby is sick, they may be more clingy, fussier, and fight sleep. You might feel that your baby is trying to make you miserable too. Just remember– everything they do is a form of communication and is their way of trying to express how they feel. They may be crying more because they are uncomfortable and in pain, and giving extra snuggles and love is the best thing you can do. 

With extra love and care, your baby should be back to its normal routine in a few days. Give yourself the "okay" to let the dishes go, get take out, or put other tasks on hold. Babies are small for such a short period of time. You will never regret the special time you took to love and care for your little one when they needed you.  


Want to see my favorite way to dress a sick baby? Check out Quinn St. two-piece sets and cozy swaddles.