Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

As busy moms we know that there isn’t a whole lot of *extra* time on our hands, but we also know that we need to take care of ourselves to be a good mom to our kids. That’s why we’ve compiled this list with some simple things you can do to take care of you.

Complete one thing on your to-do list. 

Sometimes when we look at our entire list it becomes overwhelming, so on those days we want you to just pick one easy task that you can complete in under 30-minutes and do that. It may inspire you to continue with your to-dos or maybe that’s all that gets done today. 

Put your phone away 60-minutes before bed.

We know, we know this is a hard one but trust us it will make all the difference in your sleep. You may even find yourself going to bed earlier, reading before bed, or talking with your spouse more. 

Get outside, even just for 10-minutes. 

Vitamin D. is seriously important to our mental health, so making a point to spend a little time outside everyday is a must. We recommend doing this even in the winter, just bundle up and set that timer for 10-minutes. 

Take a bath or long shower. 

While we don’t often find ourselves with an extra hour for a bath, we can usually add an extra 10-minutes to our normal shower routine. Put on your favorite song and let yourself unwind. Bonus points for adding a hair mask or favorite essential oil in. 

Drink a glass of water. 

Nothing calms us down more than taking a minute to hydrate. Personally we can’t stop obsessing over our Stanley Cup and is one of the main ways we stay hydrated.

Prioritize sleep.

If you take one thing from this list, please make it this one. Sleep is so important, and can truly make or break our days. Of course prioritizing sleep is easier said than done so here are some ways we have prioritized sleep. Investing in a sound machine, black out curtains, and using Headspace for a wind down meditation. 

If there is something you do to prioritize self-care as a mom that we didn’t share let us know in the comments below.