Summer Must-Haves for Babies

Summer Must-Haves for Babies

Summer has arrived and we want to share some of our favorite summer must-haves for babies. We took to Instagram to ask you what your summer must-haves for babies were and you didn’t let us down. 

As moms, we know your top priority is your baby’s safety, but we also know you want to be able to enjoy the summer months right alongside your little one so we made sure to include some products that are going to make your summer that much more fun!

Sun Hat: we couldn’t help ourselves when we found this adorable sun hat for babies. It has a large brim for maximum sun protection and thick ties to make tying the bow easy for mom. 

Portable Fan: this product is one that every mom talks about. No seriously, you messaged us several times about this fan. Attach it to your stroller to keep a light breeze blowing.  

Pool Floaty Boat: if you are planning on spending time in the water this summer you won’t want to forget a pool floaty boat. You can enjoy being in the water longer and keep your little one safe. 

Our Rompers: this one is a no brainer. With breathable cooling bamboo fabric your baby will stay comfortable and look adorable all summer long. 

Swimsuit: what’s a day at the pool without a swimsuit? We love these one piece suits! They come in nine different colors and patterns. 

Car Seat Sun Shade: a new to us product that just makes sense for those hot summer days. This car seat sunshade will keep your car seat from getting too hot when left baking in the sun. Say goodbye to hot metal in your car. 

Hooded Towel: okay maybe this one isn’t an absolute need but we think it makes pool/beach time a whole lot easier and cuter. 

Wet Bags: there is nothing worse than having to put all of your wet clothes from the pool into your diaper bag. These wet bags are a serious summer must-have.