Best Way to Help a New Mom

Best Way to Help a New Mom

New Baby Knotted Sleeper

Becoming a new mom is overwhelming. Over the years I have realized that most new moms often do not know how to ask for help. A newborn baby brings so many new responsibilities, and each child is uncharted territory for any parent!

Whether it is a close friend or not, I love finding ways to better support new moms. Even if a mom does not ask for help, the simplest act of service can mean the world. These are my favorite ways to help a new mom. 

Bring a Meal 

Dinner is the last thing you want to think about when you are a new parent. A meal is such a generous way to help a new mama carry the burden. The simplest meal can be such a blessing. Don’t feel like you need to overcomplicate it. Anything helps! 

It can often be challenging to make a safe meal if someone in the family has a food allergy. If they are not comfortable receiving a meal, something like a gift card can be a great way to help! Chick-Fil-A and Chipotle are great allergy-friendly options. 

Offer to Take Older Kids (My Personal Favorite) 

Juggling older children while feeding a newborn and trying to get them to sleep can be so hard because you are more limited in what you can do. I always loved when someone offered to take the older kids for a couple of hours, or even come to the house and help preoccupy the older siblings.  

Give the Gift of Cleaners (Another Personal Favorite) 

Nesting takes over before the baby, but it is so challenging to keep up a clean house with the hourly demands of a new baby. For my fourth baby, my siblings went in on having a cleaner come to our house; it was one of my very favorite things. Cleaners are such a thoughtful way to help a mom keep her head above water with one less thing to worry about. 

Send Her a Text

Sometimes nothing fancy, a simple check-in to know someone cares about you is all you need. With postpartum hormones and lack of sleep, your emotions can be all over the place. I always loved when people checked in on ME to make sure I was okay. 

  • “I would love to hold your baby so you can nap and shower. Would there be a good time today?”
  • “I just want to check in on you. How are you feeling? Don't feel like you need to respond.”
  • “I am off this afternoon, is there anything I can do to help you?”
  • “This baby loves you more than anything in the world. She/he is lucky to have you, you’re doing amazing!” 

*Funny videos, memes, pictures, inspiration, and memories are also always a win. 

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Drop by Some Essentials

It does not need to be anything fancy. Something such as comfy sweats, snacks, socks, flowers, a drink, or a card could all be a way to let a new mom know you are thinking about her. 

You know I am a sucker for a good mix ask her what her favorite drink is and drop it off! Protein bites are also one of my favorite things to drop off because they are such a great source of energy.

Offer to Pick up Groceries 

If you are running to Costco or the grocery store, ask if she needs something while there. You could also offer to pick up their family’s grocery pick-up order and give her one less thing to worry about that week. 

Of course, I always love to give Quinn St. Knotted Sleepers because they really do make diaper changes easier and fit the baby for months to come. 

Never Discount a Simple Visit or Call

I have been struck by how much a new mom often needs someone to talk to. Being with a new baby all day and night is beautiful, but it can be a very lonely journey. Take time to ask how she feels and about her experience. Sometimes it is just validating to speak what is on your mind. Of course, always be mindful of her time and try not to stay too long. 

If you have an idea that something might be sweet or helpful, just do it! Any thought or effort to help always meant the world to me as a new mom. Every mama needs a village with a newborn, and the most simple act can bring so much brightness to an exhausting phase. 


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