Caring for Baby's Umbilical Cord

As a new mom, caring for a baby’s umbilical cord can be stressful. Some babies will lose their umbilical cord by the time you leave the hospital and some need a little bit more time to heal. 

For me, I didn’t know how to care for the umbilical cord and was worried I would irritate it or make it worse. I’m here to ease your mind and give you a few tips that helped me with my four kids. 

  • Sponge Baths: Although your newborn is adorable in a little tub, wait until the umbilical cord has fallen off naturally before submerging the belly button in water. Sponge baths are the perfect way to bathe them without irritating their umbilical cord. 
  • Keep Clean. If you notice the umbilical stump is dirty or has collected lint, simply wash with a clean wet cloth and dry properly. Avoid using alcohol or soap because they can irritate your baby’s skin
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing on your baby. Choose something loose that allows air circulation and will not rub against the stumpour knotted baby sleepers are perfect for this because the bamboo fabric is breathable. They also are loose fitting and do not have a waistband, which prevents any discomfort or irritation. 
  • Keep dry. Folding the top of the diaper can help keep the umbilical stump exposed and allow it to properly dry out. Dryness is the best way to help the cord fall off naturally. 
  • Always wash your hands. Clean hands when touching the belly button can help prevent spreading bacteria and germs that could infect the umbilical cord. 

  • Pediatricians often say that your baby’s umbilical cord should dry and fall off by the time they reach three weeks old. Umbilical cord infections are uncommon, but if you notice irritation, such as bleeding, fever, redness, puss, lethargy, or poor feedinglet your doctor know. 

    With a few simple care techniques, tending to your baby’s umbilical cord can be a breeze! 

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