Everything You Need to Know About Bamboo Baby Clothes

Everything You Need to Know About Bamboo Baby Clothes

Bamboo baby clothes

We get so many questions about why we love bamboo fabric for our baby clothes and the benefits it has. At Quinn St. we are experts in cozy, comfortable, and extremely soft bamboo fabric. 

Why choose bamboo fabric for your baby clothes? This article will cover many of our frequently asked questions about bamboo baby clothes. 

Are bamboo baby clothes worth it? 

Bamboo fabric has so many benefits that go above and beyond for your baby. Quinn St. clothes were made to last through multiple babies, with material that is breathable, buttery soft, stretchy, thermal-regulating, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic. Bamboo baby clothes are worth it because you get more for what you pay for. 

Do bamboo baby clothes last longer? 

Quinn St. bamboo clothes are made of 95% bamboo fabric and 5% spandex. This gives our material the perfect stretch and resiliency to hold up to busy babies and toddlers. Baby clothing needs to last through spit-ups, blowouts, mud, dirt, and constant washings. Our bamboo fabric is soft, breathable, and lightweight, but with durability to last for years. 

Bamboo baby clothes

How to wash bamboo baby clothes?

Bamboo baby clothes require minimal care. They can be put in a regular wash cycle on cold and do best if they are taken out to hang to dry. This helps the fabric to last and maintain its strength. 

Does bamboo fabric help with eczema? 

For babies with sensitive and delicate skin, bamboo fabric is especially gentle and can help prevent allergic reactions often caused by other fabrics. 

Bamboo absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. This is important because it means the fabric will wick away excess moisture from your baby’s skin and keep them comfortable. Many rashes and skin irritants stem from uncomfortable fabric that clings to the skin. We recommend our knotted sleepers to help your baby adjust to the world.   

Bamboo baby swaddle blanket

Are bamboo blankets good for babies?

Bamboo blankets are perfect for swaddling babies because they keep your baby secure and cozy while also allowing a slight give because of the natural stretch of the fabric. 

Are bamboo swaddles breathable?

Bamboo fabric is thermal regulating and can insulate heat when it is cold outside and keep your baby cool when it is hot. This makes our Quinn St. stretchy swaddles the perfect blankets to swaddle your baby. It will help your baby to stay warmer in cold winter months and cooler in hot summer months. Bamboo fabric keeps your baby drier, cooler, and more comfortable

Is bamboo spandex safe for babies?

Our bamboo fabric is so gentle on delicate baby skin. Because of bamboo’s disease resistance, it does not require many of the pesticides and other sprays of traditional fabric to grow. Babies tend to have a more difficult time regulating their temperature. We love the thermal regulating nature of bamboo fabric because it helps to keep your baby at a safe temperature. 

Bamboo spandex vs cotton muslin

Bamboo fabric has a greater resistance to bacteria than traditional cotton fabric.  Even after breaking down the bamboo plant into fabric, bamboo retains many antimicrobial qualities. Bacteria can grow quickly in cotton and other fabrics. This can cause bad smells and early fabric degeneration. Even after multiple washings, bamboo fabric has been found to kill 70% of bacteria after 24 hours of exposure. Bamboo plants also use less water than cotton and provide greater sustainability. 

If you’re wondering what the best fabric is for babies skin, we think it starts with bamboo. As a mom of four, providing clothing that is comfortable, functional, and made to last is my passion. With incredible flexibility and softness, our bamboo fabric is made for your baby. 

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