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Favorite Things for Every New Baby

If you’ve ever been to a baby favorite things party, you get to learn about so many new and helpful products that have been tried and true by moms. After years of raising babies and trying many baby products, I’ve put together a list of my absolute favorite baby items for every new mom. All of these items are of course functional and will make your mom life easier. 

Ayla & Co Diaper Bag 

Image Source: Ayla & Co

Ayla & Co Diaper bags are so cute and stylish but hold no compromise on functionality. This diaper bag could be mistaken for any designer brand, but is filled with all of the pockets and organization that any mom could ever dream of. They are made of vegan leather and really are made to stand the test of time.

Hope & Plum Sling 

Image Source: Hope & Plum

With a shared love of babywearing and ring slings, Hope & Plum has such a passion for sustainability and empowering parents. I love everything they stand for! These slings from Hope & Plum have the cutest styles and are made from premium natural materials. I also love that they have styles and materials for every mom and baby’s needs. 

Portable Sound Machine 

Image Source: Yoga Sleep  

A portable sound machine is one of those new baby items you cannot live without. It helps calm a fussy baby, keeps your baby sleeping longer, and is great on the go or if the power happens to go out. I especially love this Rohm sound machine from Yoga Sleep! This baby sound machine can operate all night long on a single charge and has the perfect soothing noises to help your baby relax. 

Parker Baby Co Diaper Caddy 

Image Source: Parker Baby Co

If there’s one thing I’ve learned with each of my four kids, you change a lot of diapers in the newborn phase. The Parker Baby Co Diaper Caddy is a newborn game changer. You can keep your wipes, diapers, and ointments all in one place and easily take them from room to room. I also love that it is so cute and helps to keep things a little bit more organized, rather than having piles of diapers in every room.  

Tubby Todd Wash & All Over Ointment  

Image Source: Tubby Todd 

I consider Tubby Todd to be the holy grail of baby itemsonce you try it you will not be able to live without it. All of Tubby Todd products are all-natural and free from heavy chemicals. They help so much with sensitive skin! I especially love the Tubby Todd Wash & the All Over Ointment, they really work miracles on any baby with cradle cap, baby acne, or eczema.

Quinn St. Baby Items 

Of course Quinn St. baby clothes will always top my list of baby items that are functional, but also make your life as a mother easier. Each piece is made of the coziest bamboo fabric and can grow with your baby through every stage. From newborns with middle-of-the-night diaper changes, to crawling babies needing cozy outfits, to busy toddlers on the go, Quinn St. baby clothes are perfect for every stage. 

Baby Frida Newborn Set 

Image Source: Amazon 

After going through runny noses, congestion, and sickness with each of my babies, the Baby Frida nose sucker really is a baby must-have. I love this set from Baby Frida that gives you all of the essentials for caring for your baby, including the nose sucker, the Windi, baby nail clippers, and the best brush for helping cradle cap. 

Functional baby items that make your mom job easier are my jam! These baby items are some of my tried and true favorites that will also help you get so many of the essentials for a new baby on the way.