How to Help a Baby Who Hates Swaddling

How to Help a Baby Who Hates Swaddling

One of my favorite ways to calm a newborn baby is through a cozy swaddle. Swaddling has so many benefits and really can help your baby to sleep longer and more soundly. 

While most babies love to be swaddled, every baby is different and it may take a little bit of work to help your baby learn to love the swaddle. If your baby hates swaddling, I have found these simple steps can really make a difference. 

  1. Start with a large and stretchy blanket. Swaddle your baby with a large and stretchy blanket to help them feel secure, but still able to move their little bodies. This article shows my favorite way to swaddle a baby, and of course, Quinn St. swaddles are the perfect swaddle blankets
  2. Place your hand on your baby’s chest and stomach. Babies love a parent's touch, and the weight and warmth of your hand is such a powerful way to help them feel comforted. The slightest touch will help remind your baby that you are there. 
  3. Gently rock your baby back and forth. As your hand stays placed on your baby’s belly, rock them from side to side. You really only need the slightest movement. Babies are used to having constant movement in the womb and will calm down so much more quickly.  
  4. Softly make the “shhh” sound. Make the “shhh” sound and keep going until they are relaxed. Babies are used to many different sounds in the womb and studies have found that hearing the “shhh” sound helps soothe a baby because it reminds babies of their mother's womb. 

Some babies may like taking a pacifier at the beginning of this, but you can keep doing this until they are calm and relaxed. This will often put new babies right to sleep! This process may take a few times for your baby to get used to it, but it is without a doubt the most comforting way to help your baby learn to love the swaddle. 


This video shows how to put these steps to soothe a baby and help them learn to love the swaddle into action: 


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