Why a Diaper Caddy is a Newborn Must-Have

Why a Diaper Caddy is a Newborn Must-Have

Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy

If there’s one thing I’ve learned with each of my four kids, you change a lot of diapers in the newborn phase. This diaper caddy from Parker Baby Co. is a newborn game changer. Regardless of where your newborn spits up, blows out or makes a mess, this diaper caddy prepares you for any mess that the newborn stage can throw at you. 

The diaper caddy is easy to put together and will make your life with a newborn baby so much easier. You can keep your wipes, diapers, and ointments all in one place and easily take them from room to room. I also love that it is so cute. It helps keep things a little bit more organized, rather than having piles of diapers in every room. This was definitely one of my most used items with a new baby! 

Here are some staples I have loved to put in my diaper caddy: 

Newborn Baby Being Swaddled

This diaper caddy can also be amazing to carry supplies for bottles, nursing, or pumping from room to room. Many moms will store their breast pump, bottles, and other items in here and it works like a charm! 

Finding ways to simplify your day and set up your home to give you fewer things to worry about is essential in those demanding newborn weeks. The Parker Baby Co. diaper caddy is a newborn must-have here at Quinn St. and is something I will always recommend to every new mom. 

Camel Baby Swaddle

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