Why You Should Dress Your Newborn From the Bottom Up

Why You Should Dress Your Newborn From the Bottom Up

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So you have a new baby. After coming home from the hospital you realize you’ve met your next challenge: the outfit change. New babies have tiny, delicate arms and legs. As you change their clothes, it’s easy to worry about hurting them. With four kids, I’ve learned the best way to dress new babies is from the bottom up. 

Here’s why you should dress your newborn from the bottom up with Quinn St. knotted baby sleepers

Helps keep your baby happy.

Putting clothes over your baby’s head can be uncomfortable and for a moment, blocks their nose and mouth. This is why most babies cry when you get them dressed–they do not like their heads covered. Dressing from the bottom up helps keep your baby calm and relaxed because it does not block their vision or breathing.

Plus who doesn’t want an excuse to see your baby’s adorable face for a little bit longer? 

The cleaner way to diaper blowouts. 

So often during blowouts, you need to strategically find ways to get the clothing off of your baby’s head without getting the mess from the diaper on the rest of their body. Bottom-up dressing saves the day again.  All you need to do is unsnap the buttons, and the entire gown slides off in a breeze. It is a more sanitary way to change diapers while keeping your baby happy.

As a bonus, even after multiple washings bamboo fabric has been found to kill bacteria and be a more hygienic material. 

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The easiest way to put clothes on. 

Our bronze snaps and stretchy bamboo material are the key. Quinn St. soft and cozy material seamlessly stretches to go over any part of your little one’s body without snagging your baby. We know you only have seconds. The snaps on each Quinn St. baby gown are so easy to put together and remove– easy enough you can do it in the dark. Your baby will be happier as you’re not covering their head, and you will find it’s also easier to dress them this way. 

Quick and easy outfit swaps are a must here at Quinn Street. With bottom-up dressing, your baby will be happier throughout the change, and those head and limb snags will be no more. 

Looking for another mom tip? Keep your baby's favorite clothes stain free with our go-to stain remover.  

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