10 Essential Baby Items to Add to Your Registry

10 Essential Baby Items to Add to Your Registry

What do you really need for a baby? How many outfits should you have for a newborn? Trying to crack down on what you need for a new baby (especially if you are a first-time mom) can be overwhelming!

I love to keep it simple and I’ve put together a list of 10 essential baby items to add to your registry. These are some of my favorite things I’ve used with my four kids that are functional, high quality, and really work. 

1. Knotted Baby Sleepers


Knotted baby sleepers are our #1 newborn must-have item. They are made of the silkiest bamboo fabric, have hand covers so your baby doesn’t scratch their face, and make for easy diaper changes. They are cute enough to wear all day and cozy enough to sleep in all night and are usually worn for the first 6 months. I recommend having several gowns for the newborn stage! 

2. Stretchy Swaddles

Once you have tried a Quinn St. stretchy swaddle to wrap your baby, there is no going back. We love our swaddles for new babies because they are the perfect balance of size, stretch, and comfort. They also are made of bamboo, which will help keep your baby at the perfect temperature. 

3. White Noise Machine 

Image Source: Yoga Sleep

A portable sound machine is one of those new baby items you cannot live without. It helps calm a fussy baby, keeps your baby sleeping longer, and is great on the go or if the power happens to go out. I especially love this Rohm sound machine from Yoga Sleep or the Hatch Baby sound machine

4. Diaper Caddy 

Image Source: Parker Baby Co. 

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that the Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy is one of my all-time favorite items for the fourth trimester. You can keep your wipes, diapers, and ointments all in one place and easily take them from room to room. I love that it is a cute way to keep things organized, rather than having piles of diapers in every room.  

5. Baby Wrap 

Image Source: Hope & Plum

Babywearing is one of my favorite ways to be productive or juggle other kids while snuggling your baby. My favorite baby wrap is the Hope & Plum ring sling. It can grow with your baby and is a great way to provide extra support while holding your little one. Also, one of the most tried and true baby wraps is the Solly Baby wrap. It is cool and breathable and perfect for every season. 

6. Nosa Frida (or any Frida Baby Items) 

Image Source: Amazon

After going through runny noses, congestion, and sickness with each of my babies, the Baby Frida nose sucker is a baby must-have. I love this set from Baby Frida that gives you all of the essentials for caring for your baby, including the nose sucker, the Windi, baby nail clippers, and the best brush for helping cradle cap. If you only get one thing, get the nose sucker. 

7. Baby Swing 

Image Source: Amazon

If you’re wondering how to get anything done with a baby, a swing is a great option. A swing can help relax your baby while you are trying to cook, clean, or work. This Fisher-Price swing has over 12,000 positive reviews and multiple different swinging directions.  

8. Diaper Bag

Image Source: Fawn Design

A diaper bag is a must for every new parent. My favorite diaper bags that are stylish and perfect for organization are from Addison and Jayne, Ayla and Co, Azaria, and Fawn Design

9. Video Monitor

Image Source: Amazon

A video monitor is a gamechanger for having babysitters, checking your little one in the night, and making sure your baby is safe. Some of our favorites include the Lollipop video camera and the Wyze cam. The Lollipop has so many positive reviews wraps around the crib and the Wyze cam is affordable and can be connected to your phone. 

10. Boppy Pillow

Image Source: Amazon

The Boppy Nursing Pillow is so helpful for supporting your baby during feedings. It’s also an amazing way to keep your baby raised after a feeding. I found my babies loved to relax on the pillow while I was sitting close by. 

Of course, don't forget to register for larger items like a carseat, crib, and stroller. 

Many items can help make your mom job easier, but when it comes down to it – try not to stress about all of the things for a new baby or your registry. Keep it simple, focus on what your priorities are, and get excited for this new baby to come. The greatest gift you can give your baby is you!