Everything New Moms Need to Prepare to Bring Home a Newborn Baby

Everything New Moms Need to Prepare to Bring Home a Newborn Baby

Knotted Baby Sleeper

So you have a new baby on the way and there may be a million questions running through your mind. As you try to get your house ready for a new baby and prepare your body for delivery, it may be easy to look past some of the things you need to prepare to bring your baby home from the hospital.

These are some things I wish I would have known as a new mom to help prepare for a baby. 

What needs to be washed before my baby arrives?

New babies tend to have more sensitive skin and can react to certain chemicals from clothes and other items as they often come directly from a factory. Before your baby comes it is best practice to wash anything their skin comes in contact with. This includes crib sheets, new blankets, and clothing items. You can either wash baby clothes in batches or as you receive them. I loved having clothes they wear in the first 6 months washed before the baby comes. We especially love using bamboo baby clothes because it has so many benefits for delicate baby skin. 

How to wash baby clothes?

Be sure to use a gentle detergent to wash your baby clothes, my favorite is the UltraClean Free & Clear detergent from Costco that doesn’t use any scents or dyes. My babies have responded really well to this one. If you don’t have a Costco membership, another great option is Dreft for newborns, or All Detergent for sensitive skin

To keep clothes extra soft, you can hang dry or dry on low. One of my favorite tips I received as a young mom was to use a mesh baggy for keeping track of baby socks. They got lost so easily otherwise! 

When should I pack my hospital bag?

A good rule of thumb is to pack your hospital bag by 36 weeks. As you progress in your pregnancy and reach the third trimester, definitely keep a list of things you will want for the hospital. This will make packing up easier in case of an emergency. These are my favorite things to pack in your hospital bag. 

You can receive a printable hospital bag checklist for mom & baby here

What do you need to bring a baby home from the hospital?

The only thing you absolutely need for a baby for the hospital is a carseat, outfit, and blanket. You can check out our list of other items you may pack for your babyThe hospital will not let you leave without a carseat. Most hospitals keep their blankets and do not provide clothing so be sure to bring a blanket and outfit for your baby. My favorite newborn coming home outfit is our Quinn St. newborn bundles with knotted sleepers, stretchy swaddle blankets, and bows or hats

How many outfits does a newborn need at the hospital?

I recommend bringing two knotted baby sleepers for the hospital to bring your baby home from the hospital. They are soft and cozy and really are the only clothing item you need for a newborn baby’s first outfit to come home in. 

What should my baby wear home from the hospital in the summer?

Our love for knotted baby sleepers runs deep. These are perfect for summer! We love that bamboo fabric is light and breathable to keep your baby cool. Just make sure they have good circulation in the back of your car and aren’t kept outside too long. You might also use a light carseat cover like this from Parker Baby Co. to protect your baby from the sun. 

What should my baby wear home from the hospital in the winter? 

Newborn Baby Outfit

I love starting with our knotted sleepers and dressing up from there. Bamboo fabric is thermal regulating and can help your baby to stay at a comfortable temperature. I would put your baby in a baby sleeper gown, a stretchy swaddle, and a newborn ribbed hat to help them get cozy. 

How do I keep my baby warm in their carseat?

Begin by putting your baby in our newborn bundle with a hat, sleeper gown, and swaddle blanket. You can help your baby to stay warm in their carseat by using a thick fuzzy blanket over their arms and legs and a carseat cover like this. If you live in a particularly harsh climate, this carseat cover would be a great option to help block the wind.  

How should I dress my baby in a car seat? 

Knotted Baby Sleeper

Knotted gowns were made for easy diaper changes, but are also perfect for the carseat. Quinn St. gowns can easily untie so that the extra fabric can be tucked over your baby’s feet to keep them warm. The gowns are perfect for the car seat because they are lightweight and not overly bulky. 

Bringing a new little baby into your home is one of the most special feelings in the world. You will be so ready to welcome your little one with our favorite tips to prepare to bring home a newborn baby. 

Newborn Baby Bundle

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