What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

So it’s the final countdown until your baby comes, and you’re probably wondering what to put in your hospital bag. With four kids of my own, I’ve learned the hard way what you need (and do not need) for the hospital. 

First things first, keep it simple. Usually having your hospital bag packed by around 36 weeks is a good rule of thumb in case your baby comes early. 

It can feel like there are so many unknowns as you go to the hospital for the first time to deliver your baby, and you will feel best if you’re prepared with a few basics in your hospital bag to help you be ready. 

For mom: 

Robe and/or house dress

Cute Nursing Robe

Image Source: Nesting Olive

The hospital will provide you with a surgical gown, but they tend to be a bit itchy and uncomfortable. I have found that I feel so much more relaxed wearing a robe or house dress, I love this one from Nesting Olive

Going home outfit

Cozy Crewneck Sweatshirt

Image Source: Piper & Scoot 

You just survived an entire pregnancy and the birth of a baby, so you deserve to feel like a million bucks. Your body will take some time to recover and you don’t need to dress for the runway. I loved wearing a comfortable sweatshirt and sweats or leggings to go home in, like this crewneck from Piper & Scoot. 


Bring what you need to feel comfortable – I loved having a toothbrush, some face wash, chapstick, deodorant, a hairbrush, and some wipes to help freshen up. 

Blanket and pillow

Soft Blanket

Image Source: Saranoni

Hospitals can get chilly, you will sleep so much better with a comfortable pillow and blanket. The hospital will provide you with a pillow and blanket, but the blankets tend to be a little bit scratchy and the pillows are on the hard side. I recommend bringing your own, like this one from Saranoni

Socks and/or slippers

You will have many trips back and forth to use the bathroom. Socks or slippers are a must for walking on the cold (and debatably clean) hospital floors. 

Flip flops for the shower

You may or may not shower while at the hospital, but it is so helpful to have in case you get the chance. 

Earplugs or sound machine

Image source: Yoga Sleep

With beeping monitors, hospital staff coming in and out of the room, and the hustle and bustle from the hallway, you will be so glad to have earplugs or a sound machine to help you sleep. 

Nursing bra and pads (if breastfeeding)

Image Source: Target

A good nursing bra is a must-have for the hospital. This is my favorite nursing bra, with such an amazing price, great support, and easy care. 

Extra-long phone charger

While you’re waiting for labor, you will want your phone to help pass the time. It can be a long distance from your hospital bed to the wall so a long charger cord is a must.  


If you plan to receive an epidural, you will not be able to eat or drink while the epidural is in place. Your hospital will provide meals, but I would recommend bringing a few snacks to help keep your energy up after the baby comes.

For baby: 

Two knotted sleepers

Knotted Baby Sleeper

Our knotted baby gowns are our number one newborn must-have item for a reason. They are buttery soft and really are the only clothing item you need for a new baby at the hospital and to come home. 

Two stretchy swaddle blankets

There are so many benefits to swaddling, and our cozy swaddles are one of my favorite ways to calm a newborn baby. These blankets are stretchy, soft, and warm.

Newborn hat and/or headbands 

Cozy Baby Hat

Our hats and headbands are made of our signature bamboo fabric. They can help keep your baby warm as they adjust to the new temperatures and climates. 

Pacifier and bottles if you want a specific kind

If you plan to formula feed your baby, the hospital will provide formula and bottles while you are there. If you would like to use a specific brand or type of bottle, I would recommend bringing your own. 

For most births you will stay at the hospital for 24 hours and the hospital will provide everything you need for your baby, including diapers and wipes. Everything else you bring is a bonus for your baby. 

This list includes my must-haves for the hospital bag – simple, straight forward, and comfortable. With a few simple things prepared, the birth of your new baby can be one of the most magical days of your life. 

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