4 Ways to Swaddle a Baby

4 Ways to Swaddle a Baby

4 Ways to Swaddle a Baby

You know we love to swaddle around here. Swaddling has so many benefits for your baby and is one of my very favorite ways to calm a newborn. There are so many ways to swaddle a baby and each technique has its own benefits.

These are my favorite ways to swaddle babies and with a little practice, I hope you’ll see why I love them.  

1. Boat Swaddle

The Boat Swaddle is the most secure swaddle you can use. If you have a master escape artist, this is the best swaddle to keep them tucked in because their arms are essentially swaddled twice. I have never seen a baby get out of a proper boat swaddle – this one is really great for babies who like to wiggle.   

2. Traditional Burrito Swaddle 

A traditional burrito swaddle is the most commonly used swaddle technique and is amazing for most babies. This technique keeps their arms in and helps them to feel comforted and secure. 

3. Burrito Swaddle with a Tuck at The Top (Used in the NICU) 

If you’re looking for a little bit more security in a classic burrito swaddle, this tuck at the end makes things tighter and harder to break out of. This technique is the most commonly used swaddle technique in the NICU, and many nurses swear by this method. 

4. Side Swaddle

If you have a newborn baby, they may not need quite as much tightness and security in a swaddle. The side swaddle provides all the benefits and comfort of swaddling without those extra steps. This method is great if your baby is not too wiggly or if you plan to hold your baby and just want them to feel cozy and relaxed.

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Use the Right Blanket

As always, don’t forget that the most important tool for a secure swaddle is the right type of blanket! Make sure your swaddle blanket is large enough - we love our Quinn St. stretchy swaddles because they are the perfect balance of size, stretch, and comfort. 

A proper swaddle really is a form of art around here. With a few new swaddling techniques in your parenting playbook now, you can consider yourself a swaddling expert.  

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