7 Baby Items You Don't Really Need

7 Baby Items You Don't Really Need

Knotted baby sleeper

As a new mom, so many baby products are thrown at you labeled as “MUST HAVES." While some things are truly life-saving—I’m looking at you knotted sleepers and diaper caddies—I am all about simplifying things for babies. Many baby items simply aren’t necessary. 

Of course, when it comes to baby items, every parent is different and a lot can come down to personal preference and how many kids you have. With my four kids, these were seven baby items we found we didn’t need. 

1. Wipe Warmer 

Many parents recommend a wipe warmer for the middle of the night changes, but I found that a diaper change midway through a feeding is the perfect way to keep your drowsy baby alert enough to have a complete feed. Plus, you changing baby’s diapers all over the house and the last thing you want to do is have to take time to find the wipe warmer. It’s just another thing to clutter up the house and I really didn’t feel a wipe warmer was a “need item” for a baby. 

2. Diaper Genie 

Baby diaper caddy

With my first baby I bought a diaper genie, but I started to realize how expensive the bags get and how fast they fill up. I also felt like I always still smelled dirty diapers in the container. And again, unless you have one in every room of your house, it’s not going to be convenient for you. I recommend using a small garbage can right outside your garage door that you can throw away diapers in and empty frequently. You don’t have to go all the way outside with each diaper change, but the smell isn’t in your house- win, win. 

3. Changing table 

When our first started rolling over we started changing their diaper on the floor. By our second we didn’t use the changing table once because of convenience and it continued from there. You know I’m all about convenience and found myself just changing diapers on the floor. This is why I love the diaper caddy from Parker Baby Co. so much.) I also have absolutely loved our Gathre mat because it is cute, easy to clean, and compact. These take out all of the need for a changing table. 

4. Newborn clothes besides jammies 

Tiny newborn baby clothes are so cute, but the reality of newborn outfit changes is that you are faced with constant spit-up and diaper changes. This is one of the big reasons I created Quinn St. I wanted a cute baby outfit to put my little one in that was also functional and comfortable. Many parents say that their newborn lives in our Quinn St. knotted baby sleepers and our two-piece sets are also adorable. Definitely get a couple of outfits to make the stage fun for you, but investing in something they can wear all of the time is my type of baby outfit. 

5. Special baby detergent

I love using a gentle detergent for new babies, but buying baby detergent really is not necessary. My favorite is the UltraClean Free & Clear detergent from Costco that doesn’t use any scents or dyes. My babies have responded very well to this one. If you don’t have a Costco membership, another great option is All Detergent for sensitive skin

6. Bumbo

The bumbo can be great for a couple of weeks, but babies grow out of it so fast. I personally didn’t feel like it was worth hanging on to. Also, babies tend to tip over pretty easily. The good news is floor time is the best way to help your baby reach developmental milestones like rolling over, crawling, and sitting up. 

7. Tons of bottles 

I recommend waiting until your baby gets here and if they will breastfeed or take a certain type of bottle before investing in huge bottle systems. What works for one baby may not work for another. You can start with one or two bottles to get you ready for the baby. Registering for Amazon and Target will also provide the opportunity to try so many bottles. Every baby is so different so definitely be willing to be patient to find the right fit! 

The #1 thing your baby needs is love from you. When you get ideas for baby items, write them in a note and see if it’s a good fit for your lifestyle and budget. There are so many amazing products and sometimes hearing about baby items you don’t need can help make things a little bit less overwhelming. 

You’re going to have a baby. Keep it simple! Our goal at Quinn St. is to create functional and adorable baby clothing that make your mom life easier. 

Newborn baby outfits

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